Individual Work_07/01/2011

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Individual books + final work

Valentina_Barcelloni_Corte: Constellation


How to connect individual agency with collective existence?

Gif Created on Make A Gif

LEE_KangHeon: interventions to strengthen a dispersed metropolitan node

lee_kang_heon-final rendu.pdf

Rue Hoche as a vertical axis (Hoche, canal, intersection – bridge…)

-reorganize elements (insert, cut, etc.)

-connect between elements to reinforce the axis

Francesca_Mautone: archiSPONGE


Application of a sponge concept. A space that enables movement, reconnecting the city; a space that lives thanks to these flows.



Project process_group work + individual research, concept, and design

-Function POD: “Plug-in” program and situation

-Bridge_SHIFT: Non-static bridge connections

Minjoo_Jeong: solving diconnection

_minjoo JEONG.pdf

Architecture that solves disconnection in the urban, and at the same time, offers <pause> to create social interaction.

Ana_Maria_Trabulo: Continuity + Points of Attraction


Improving the efficiency of a node, creating a fluid system of public space, and allowing appropriation and use by:

-improving communication and connectivity

-creation of points of attraction

Gi-Hoon_Mun: linking the canal


Elena_Farinelli: alternative media aggregation


network at regional scale: via net

network at district scale: via green


Sophie_M: Bridge building & housings


Part of a group work experiment on multifunctional mobility fields, to strengthen the dispersed metropolitan nodes and the connections between them.

Quick individual work goals : Focal point. Cleaning the node. Asserting the area’s referent center. Adding value to the quality of life.

photography work as a study for the theoretical model

elevated diagram

building bridge transversal cut shema


Lara_Briffaud: mobility – continuity

mobility – continuity_book.pdf


Opening the site to the city through permeability_continuity

[access, open, cross, connect]

Mehdi_Moumni: Project de couverture de la gare de PANTIN

PANTIN _mehdi moumni.pdf

Filippi_Alessandro: HYBRIDATION_Conceptions urbaines contemporaines croisées




Le projet a pour but de développer plusieurs points. L’identité territoriale, qui est à l’origine un sentiment individuel. Ce sont les habitants qui vont créer l’identité d’une ville. Pour créer une identité il est donc nécessaire de développer un lien entre l’habitant et son territoire. Pour cela il faut développer un cadre de vie agréable :
– créer des espaces de qualités
– Créer un lien entre les habitants
Afin de créer l’unité entre l’histoire de la ville et son développement, toute implantation de nouveau projet permettant de donner un cadre de vie agréable aux habitants, doit se faire en revitalisant les point d’intérêt historique de la ville.

Kim_SooHyun: HYBRIDATION_Projet Urbain “Network system in Pantin”


Hybridation as not only an architectural solution but also a sociological and aesthetic result. The development of a city by means of creating systems of communications.


Elizaveta_Zhuravleva: Connecctions of continuity


This booklet contains guidelines for making urban, architectural and some practical maintenance solutions in the city of Pantin.

The methodology of the project is described in the first chapter.

Guidelines of ameliorating the territory are made by applying the created conceptual urban organisation model to the problematic territory of Pantin. Principles described in the conceptual model are to be applied overall the future architectural project.

The to-be-built infrastructure is identified in the following three categories: infill building, urban void and enriched mobility. Recommendations are given only to strategic points of the project territory.

Isabel_Murillo: Pantin Cultural Center


bridge/cultural centre = hybrid

connection/link between bridge and cultural center = layer/articulation

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